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  1.  In what language are the video tutorials & program?

Everything is only in English language. Video tutorials, voice over, etc...

  2.  How many trainings per week does the program have?

There are three days per week trainings with: dry warm ups, dry land workout, pool warm up and pool workout.

  3.  How long does a session last?

Dry warm ups: 15 minutes aprox, dry land workouts: 30 to 40 minutes aprox, pool warm ups: 15 minutes maximum, pool workouts: 30 to 40 minutes. (Everything depends in everyones rhythm ;)  )

  4.  Do I need equipment?

Yes, you do. Don't worry, not expensive at all. Most important things: tennis balls, mini bands, upper body resistance bands, hip resistance bands (for pool & dry land exercises), Kettlebell or Dumbell, Medicine Ball, jumping rope and of course water polo stuff (goal post, water polo balls, etc).

  5.  What days do you recommend to do the workouts?

The perfect days would be: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But you can adapt it to the team schedule without problem. The most important is to do them!

  6.  What do I do when I finish the program?

Make one week easy practice and gym and don't worry, another program will be waiting for you!

  7.  Can I play official games during the program?

Yes, of course! You will feel great after the second week, all exercises are functional for goalkeepers. You will be ready in a few weeks!

  8.  Can I only pay with PayPal?

Yes, I'm sorry!

  9.  How are the workouts and tutorials explained?

All workouts and warm ups are explained with voice over. There I explain technical advices, the goal of the exercise, important facts to have in mind, etc...

  10.  What age is that program for?

It's from 15 years old and on.

 11.  Which program do you recommend and why?

personally recommend the full Program. It's important to schedule CORE, MOBILITY, BALANCE & COORDINATION Warm ups for having a great goalkeeper base and  healthy joints. Plus, the DRY LAND Program is coordinated with the POOL Program, to transfer DRY to POOL work.

Plyometrics & Body control are essential for us, in the FULL Program we will make sure you work them and improve.

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