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First rule for water polo GOALIE SLIDES: move your HIPS!

There's always a big discussion about which one is the correct way to slide, do we have to slide with hand inside the water, hand outside the water, sculling?

But we forget the first rule: we have to know how to USE OUR HIPS!

If our shoulders are looking the shooter but our hips are looking the referee, it will be very difficult for us to save the ball.

So here is the the resume of today's post:

- Welcome hips to our new sliding super style

- Hip Mobility and why we need it

- Let's get started!


So, if we take a look to artistic swimmers, when they twist, they make it with their shoulders and hips working as ONE. It would look very uncoordinated if they wouldn't do it, right?

That's how we look when we don't are conscientious of our body control and our upper & lower body coordination.

This is how our knee should scull for making a FULL BODY SLIDE.

Our hand slides upper body and our knee lower body, easy!

Let's go with the MOST common error when sliding, following the ball and jumping (trying to stop it...):

We jump from one position (where the ball was) DIRECTLY to the shot. Ok, I'll explain myself better:

- The ball is in position 2 (let's say), there's a fast pass to position 4 and this player is going to shoot fast.

COMMON ERROR: We jump directly from position 2 to the shot WITHOUT sliding and WITHOUT facing our hips to the shooter.


A) We don't know we are making it wrong

B) We have lack of power and strength in our hips

CONCLUSION: We get scored...


We need HIP MOBILITY as goalies (and player too, of course) to:

- have a full range of motion when:

+ we make eggbeater

+ we slide

+ we jump

+ we coordinate eggbeater, sliding and jumping

When we have no HIP MOBILITY or we don't train it, our movements will be slow and weak. Plus, we won't have that communication and coordination between upper body and lower body.

PLUS!!! Our risk of injury will be much higher.

This simple warm ups help you to work on your range of motion, hip strength, mobility and injury prevention.


My first motivation when I wake up every morning is to make your LIFE EASIER!

Now that we agree in the important role of our hips in the goal post and in our lives (I hope...) I will show you 2 gifts for you.

GIFT 1 : short video, with images is everything much more easier! (It has english subtitles, don't worry!)


And here you can download for FREE the 4 WEEK POWER HIP PROGRAM for goalies & players.

It's a step by step program where you will find 3 warm ups per week, each one last for about 10/ 15 minutes.

The perfect way to start would be making a simple FLEXIBILITY TEST (as I show in the video) before starting the program and again when you finish the program.

So, let's get started! CLICK HERE for your Ebook.


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